What is “Latinx”?

A map of Latin America accompanied by the words “latina, latino, latinx”.

Why an ethnicity and not a race?

Image: A yellow, red and blue mural showing Indigenous people.

What race are Latinxs, then?

Image: A mural representing the dual Afro-Boricua identity.
Image: Alexis Bedel and Karla Souza.
Image: Alberto Fujimori, Harry Shum Jr. and Bruno Mars.
Image: Salma Hayek and Emeraude Toubia.
Image: Nona Gaye, Rosario Dawson and Don Omar.
Image: Gina Rodriguez and Daniel Elbittar Villegas.
Image: Evo Morales, Frida Kahlo and Rigoberta Menchú.

Wait, I didn’t get that part about mixed Latinxs. What race are they?

Image: Latina hijabis posing for a picture.

So… do Latinxs experience racism?

Image: A graffiti that reads “white girl, take off your hoops!!!”

Latin, Latino, Latinx, hispanic… What is the difference?

Image: A group of people doing capoeira in Brazil, a Portuguese-speaking country.

So, anyone born or descended from LatAm is Latinx?

Image: Lupita Nyong’o, Mexican-born and of Kenyan descent, and Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan-born and of Cuban and Guatemalan descent.

What language do Latinxs speak?

Image: Dancing women at the Haiti Carnival.

Wait, I’m still confused. Are Spaniards/Portuguese/French/Italians… Latinx?

Image: Mural showing Aztec warriors fighting off Spanish colonizers.
Image: Morena Baccarin and Kaya Scodelario.

Ok, one last time, short and clear…

Latinx is an ethnicity, not a race. Latinx means “person born in, or descended from people born in Latin America”.

Latinxs can be of literally any race. Yes, this includes white. White Latinxs experience xenophobia but not racism.

Latinxs are not “hispanic”, among other reasons, because not all of us speak Spanish.

Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese people are not Latinx.



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